Contemplating repairs for your valuable classical or flamenco guitar is a bit like planning for a necessary surgery. If you are fortunate enough to be treated by intelligent, intuitive, and most of all, manually adept surgeons, well versed in their area of expertise, the outcome is likely to be positive. Fall in the hands of a well-intentioned, clumsy hack, and you just might subtract years from your life, or worse.

Although guitars are rarely a matter of life and death, it is nonetheless important that your luthier be well versed in many restoration techniques. When done right, not only will the instrument look and feel great in the short term, it will have a chance to remain in circulation, and be enjoyed by future generations.

Many famous luthier’s instruments visited my shop for care and restoration work: Santos Hernandez, Marcelo Barbero, Domingo Esteso, Manuel Velazquez, Manuel Reyes, Contreras, Ramirez, Maldonado, Thomas Humphrey, Gerundino, Plazuelo, Bernabe, and many others.

When you entrust your guitar to Peter Tsiorba, you can rest assured that only the least invasive and proven repair techniques will be used. Even if the work is ‚Äúsimple”, you can be confident that it will be carried out with the care and attention it deserves. I look forward to serving you.


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