Guitar Repair and Restoration Services

Repair and maintenance of a fine classical or flamenco guitar is not a matter of “if,” but of “when.” Aside from strings, nuts and saddles wear out, as do frets. French polish will eventually need touch-up work. Cracks in wood are not uncommon. Fortunately, most of these issues are manageable, and with proper skill and attention, can be remedied.

I have many years of extensive restoration experience, with highly developed skills in the following areas:

  • Guitar set-up
  • Correcting action problems, where strings are too high, and not enough saddle is left to make adjustments. This is a complex area, requiring an evaluation of the neck angle, fingerboard thickness, relief, saddle height, etc.. Corrective action depends on many factors unique to your guitar.
  • Fretwork (leveling, crowning and dressing frets and setting up the instrument for your preferred/optimal action) as well as complete re-frets and fingerboard planing
  • Tuning machine adjustment or replacement
  • Flamenco pegs service, both wooden pegs, as well as planetary geared pegs
  • nut and saddle adjustments or replacement
  • french polish touch-up or complete refinish
  • soundboard, back and sides crack repair work
  • installation of tap plates (golpeadores) for flamenco guitars
  • re-gluing of lose braces
  • worn bridge tie block repairs
  • 12-hole bridge conversions to increase string-break angle