Peter Tsiorba
Luthier Maker of Classical &
Flamenco Guitars

I built my first guitar in 2001. Ever since, I have been making, restoring, researching and contemplating classical and flamenco guitars. With each passing year, my skills grew and matured. Guitar building is a long game. It takes time to begin to notice ever smaller details, and gradually refine every aspect of the guitar’s construction–from fretwork, to set-up, to the final delicate sessions of the French polish.

When you commission your own Tsiorba guitar, or entrust your instruments in my care for repair and restoration work, you can rest assured that utmost attention and care are poured into every aspect of my work as a luthier.

I do not outsource any aspect of my guitar work or finish, and do not utilize pre-manufactured components (except for tuning machines, fretwire and strings). From lumber to the final coats of French polish, each guitar receives my individual attention. Every effort is made to highlight the natural beauty of each piece of wood, bring out the optimum sound characteristics, and achieve superb set-up and playability.

As a restorer, I approach projects with a delicate touch, being careful not to force any unnecessary “improvements” onto vintage instruments. I strive to preserve originality and uniqueness of vintage guitars, while at the same time, restoring vitality and function, allowing them to be agile and comfortable music-making tools in the hands of musicians.

Do not hesitate to reach out to commission your own Tsiorba guitar, or to inquire about restoration work.

Thank you for visiting my website.

Peter Tsiorba