-Commissioning a new guitar requires a $1,000 non-refundable deposit. Why a deposit? Think of it as your commitment to your future guitar. In return, I make a commitment to you, reserving time in my building schedule to work on your custom instrument. Your deposit guarantees your quoted price, and allows me to plan for your guitar’s tonewoods, tuners, guitar cases, and any other custom components.

-Remaining balance is due at completion, before the instrument is shipped. Approximate completion date will be provided at the time of your order.

-Another option: if you prefer, the entire price of the guitar can be paid upfront.



-Shipping within USA: no cost/included in the price

-State of Oregon has no sales tax. That translates to substantial savings to you. That’s right. Zero sales tax!

-International shipping costs, customs fees and taxes (if any) are the responsibility of the purchaser.

-If you have time and the luxury of travel (or live locally) you are invited to pick up your guitar in person. It is always a pleasure to personally hand the new guitar to its new owner. While you are in the shop, I can personalize your guitar’s setup for optimum comfort. Afterwards, why not spend a bit of time exploring Portland. Portlanders are proud of their robust beer culture, surrounding countryside with its countless wineries, seriously good coffee, and cuisine to satisfy the pickiest palette. Music venues and art galleries abound. If you are in the mood to venture beyond the city, there is lots to see and do. Adventures await in the surrounding mountains, forests, Pacific Ocean beaches, and waterfalls along the mighty Columbia river.


When you place an order, I will provide you with an estimated completion/delivery date. I make every effort to fulfill my orders on schedule. At the same time, it must be acknowledged that I am a one-person workshop. Should an unforeseen circumstance interrupt the work flow, I will notify you of the potential delay, and provide you with an updated timeline.


I am committed to producing the finest instruments I am capable of.  I want for you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. For that reason, I offer a one-week approval period, which begins on the day the shipping carrier delivers the guitar to the destination address. If, within that one-week period, you determine that the guitar is not suitable for you, please notify me via e-mail or telephone to make arrangements for a return. No returns will be accepted after the end of one-week approval period.


To qualify for a refund, return arrangements must be made within the one-week approval period (see above). The guitar must be returned in its original condition, without modifications or damage. Buyer is responsible for all return shipping and insurance costs. The refund will be calculated as following:

Guitars purchased from inventory
Original purchase price, minus $100 shipping/handling fee, will be promptly refunded. This prompt refund policy applies to all guitars in the inventory, including those that might fit in the “Highly Customized Guitars” category outlined below.

Commissioned guitars
Original purchase price, less the non-refundable deposit, will be refunded upon successful re-sale of the guitar, or within 6-months, whichever one is sooner.

Highly customized guitars
Original purchase price, minus the initial non-refundable deposit, will be refunded after successful resale of the instrument. Custom instruments may take significantly longer to resell, and for this reason, timeframe cannot be guaranteed. Highly customized guitars include one or more of the following features: 1. cutaways 2. permanently installed custom electronics 3. custom inlays 4. custom-specified soundports  5. custom rosettes 6. Non-standard scale lengths 7. Non-standard string spacing 8. Custom neck dimensions  9. Highly unusual tonewood choices.


I strive to produce the finest guitars I am capable of making. I select highest quality, well-aged tonewoods, and go to great lengths to ensure that every step of construction is done with precision, proper technique, and with time-tested adhesives and finishes. When you purchase a Tsiorba guitar, new or preowned, you can rest assured that I stand behind the quality of my work. If your guitar develops cracks, excessive neck deformation, glue seam separations, or loose braces, I will repair your instrument at no charge (shipping not included). This warranty is extended to original owners only, and is in effect for as long as I remain engaged in lutherie work.

This warranty does not cover basic maintenance, periodic French polish touch-ups, tuners (although some tuners are covered by the manufacturer’s lifetime warranty), worn frets, general wear and tear, damages arising from neglect, abuse, exposure to extremes of temperature or humidity, accidents, destruction, natural disasters, etc.


I will gladly provide repair and maintenance services to address common wear and tear or any other repair issues not covered under the warranty.