Did you receive a guitar I built for you recently? Had your instrument repaired? Please consider sharing a few words about your experience! Your comments, feedback and suggestions are taken seriously and will be greatly appreciated. Use any of the options below to leave you comment.

Peter, thanks for a fine fix. The reattached bridge looks good, and the adjusted fret and string action feel wonderful.

Linda Becker, February 5, 2021

Greg McEvoy says ():

Thank you Peter for your meticulous work on setting up my guitar. Not only do you do exceptional work, you are a delight to be with. I appreciate your craftsmanship, integrity and friendship. I highly recommend you. Best to you my friend.

Erez Jonathan says ()

It has been more than a decade since we first connected. I remember my search for a guitar luthier and the many hesitations and the uncertainty I had choosing the right luthier. I have spoken with some well known luthiers that their names are big in the industry and they have built many great flamenco and classical guitars. But something inside me told me that Peter Tsiorba will be my luthier. Even though you are not famous like these big names luthiers and I have not seen or played your guitars before I have made my decision, something inside me told me to choose you and I am so happy I did. And here now, we are building the 3rd guitar from your magical hands. The workmanship , the sound and the playability in your guitars are simply great. I believe that it is not only the wood, color or the construction type. It is the soul of the luthier that comes with the guitar. And your soul is inside my guitars you built for me.

Thank you for being who you are.

Jonathan Read says ():

I can’t express enough how happy I am with Peter’s work. I searched across the country for a luthier to restore my ’69 Oribe classical — it had some damage to its redwood top and some wear and tear. I made the right choice. Peter’s work was meticulous; his repair and refinishing was perfect. His communication was excellent. It actually sounds better now and the Brazilian rosewood back and sides really pop. An added benefit — he helped me work with my insurance company to appraise the guitar before and after the repair and restoration. Much appreciated and highly recommended!

Edward Moore says ():

I contacted Peter about fixing a somewhat-altered neck angle on a Flamenco guitar that had some high action and a lot of buzzing. Peter shaved the fingerboard, replaced the saddle, altered the nut, and basically worked his magic on the guitar so that it now plays like a new instrument, with great action and free of buzz. So glad he took the time to help out this small-time guitar player.

Erez Jonathan says ():

I want to share a story. In 2011 I have traveled to Cordoba Spain for the Flamenco festival that is taking place every year in Andalucía. I have taken flamenco lessons there for 12 days from great flamenco teachers like,Manolo Sanlucar, Manolo Franco, and some other who are great flamenco guitar players. In the classroom I have noticed that some of the students were looking at my guitar as they really liked the way it sounds.Some guys there were playing Conde Hermanos top models guitar but, they were looking at my guitar which sounded powerful, clear and crisp. Yes, it was Peter who built for me this flamenco guitar! German spruce on top with Brazilian rosewood back & sides.This is a very special guitar that in time sounded better and better and better.With all due respect to the Conde guitars that these guys were playing, they did not match Peter`s handmade guitar he built for me. The guitar now is 11 years old and since then Peter built for me one more flamenco concert guitar that looks and sounds amazing! Thank you Peter.

Daniell J Rudolph says (:

I just met Peter for the first time after browsing through the web looking for a reputable Luthier, and here is what I have to say. “Peter can’t turn water into wine, but he can most certainly bring a dead guitar back to life”
If you don’t see Peter, you are cheating your self!

Vernon Cheng says (:

Thank you Peter for the spectacular fingerstyle guitar you built for me. I originally spoke with several luthiers and also Taylor guitars as I searched for someone to build my vision of a fingerstyle guitar. I’m extremely happy to have “randomly” met while I was on vacation in Portland. How fortuitous. It was helpful to meet, see your workshop, and have you see how and what I play (such as using mostly the fleshy parts of fingertips, i.e. no nails).

You implemented all the unique features I was seeking (classical guitar string spacing on a 1-15/16″ wide neck, a radiused “D” shape neck, low action, soundport, James May Ultratonic passive pick up system, etc.). The guitar plays as I hoped and wanted.

Of course – the build quality is excellent. For others considering your services – I went with Peter specifically because he is not a “factory”. He builds guitars by hand. Everything. Nothing is outsourced except the tuners and electronics. I wanted this type of personal attention to detail and Peter delivered.

Thank you again Peter!

Mark Swartz says ():

I came to Peter because I wanted an extremely high quality guitar made from North American trees. To do this, he swapped out the tropical rosewoods and such for osage orange and instead of ebony for the fret board, he used American plum. The top is local cedar and much of the rest is black walnut with a few other natives mixed in. What he made for me is honestly the most beautiful sounding piece of art I could have imagined. Peter, my hat is off to you. Bravo!!!

Jorge Benitez via Facebook on Oct. 20, 2018

I just came back from picking up my guitar from Peter’s shop. I had never played a Tsiorba guitar but I commissioned my guitar based on research: reviews, videos/sound, website, aesthetics, and as a person/artist. I wanted a Flamenco Negra but with a non-traditional rosette and back/sides. We chose Ziricote and a more modern rosette, exactly as I had envisioned. All bindings, purflings, widths, colors, tieblock, woods, personal logo, etc…were completely custom made and carefully selected and discussed with Peter. Aesthetically, I have “my” perfect guitar, and today I got to play it….mind-blowing!! The action, playability, volume and accuracy are simply outstanding. Conclusion, I cannot see how I could have had a better experience and product than choosing Peter as my Luthier. I would absolutely recommend Peter to anyone who is thinking of commissioning the best flamenco/classical guitar as I cannot fathom how it can get better than a Tsiorba. Cheers Peter!!

Berto Boyd via Facebook on February 3, 2018

Peter is an excellent craftsman. I’m so lucky to finally live next to someone like him that can help me with all my guitars. I highly recommend him!!!

Nicholas Huber via Facebook on April 27, 2017

Thanks again for the setup and replacement parts on my acoustic Peter. Plays wonderfully now! Your hospitality was much appreciated also and will recommend you to all I meet.

Robert Adrian via Facebook on Dec. 3. 2016

Peter, huge thanks for the restoration work on my classical guitar. Beautiful french polish and fret work. Looking forward to seeing you do your magic on the action and intonation refinements. Very pleased that you were recommended to me. I will continue to sing your praises.

Jubal Abishek Pradhan via Facebook on October 26, 2015

Great sounding guitar!!!!!! Thanks Peter for the lovely instrument.