Tsiorba Guitars–since 2001

Tsiorba Guitars Luthier Guitarmaker

I have been producing handmade classical and flamenco guitars since 2001. As I complete my 116th guitar (Oct. 2017), it occurs to me that lutherie is a deep river, and I’ve been swimming in it for many years and thousands of hours, perfecting, refining, making. And what a rewarding journey it has been!

As I reflect on the past 15-plus years, I am as excited as ever, to be making sonorous, beautiful guitars that draw the best from musicians’ creativity.

If you are considering purchasing or commissioning one of my guitars, you can be assured that each instrument is constructed with the utmost dedication to excellence, utilizing the finest materials, selected for strength, tone and beauty.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Peter Tsiorba