Quilted Maple & Walnut Flamenco Guitar

Main materials selection: Carpathian Spruce, quilted maple and bastogne walnut. The neck will be in the usual Spanish cedar. The rosette will be constructed from natural spalted maple.

Spalted maple billet with its intense and intricate veining.

Red was selected as one of the accent colors for the guitar. A slice of red veneer will be incorporated into the headstock, showing up as a thin red line around the edge of the head.

Main headstock veneer is of beautifully-figured walnut, from the same tree as the center panel of the back, as well as the bindings. Aside from the red veneer, I will also include a couple of slices of figured sycamore veneer.

Now the layers of these veneers need to be glued to the guitar’s headstock.

Cutting the shape of the “Spanish foot” or the “slipper” and the slots which will receive the sides of the guitar.

Completed Spanish foot. It will reside inside the guitar, and serves an important structural function in the traditionally-cosntructed Spanish guitar.

Coping saw is used to cut the outline of the headstock.

After a bit of sawing, filing, chiseling and some knife work, the headstock is nearly complete!