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I make traditionally-constructed classical and flamenco guitars. Since I do not utilize pre-manufactured components (except tuning machines and fretwire) every guitar receives individual attention and is treated as one whole. Every effort is made to highlight the natural beauty of each piece of wood, bring out the optimum sound characteristics, and achieve superb set-up and playability.

guitar neck carvingThe majority of the best classical and flamenco guitars are still produced in small workshops by individual luthiers. Despite copious mass-production, noteworthy concert Spanish guitars are nearly always luthier-made. The careful selection of well-seasoned spruce, cedar, rosewood, ebony, mahogany and Spanish cedar are only the beginning. Next, comes the artful blending of beautiful, fragrant, resonant tonewoods. A metamorphosis culminating in guitars capable of rich, nuanced sound.

If I were to distill the essence of my mission as a luthier, it would be this: The quest for sonic and aesthetic beauty. I feel that the best classical and flamenco guitars are infinitely more than simple aggregates of well-fitted parts and shiny finish. Beautiful structure? Yes! But it is the elusive and transcendent qualities of the guitar–its soul, so to speak, that fuel my creative energies as a luthier. An accomplished musician can no doubt transmit a message even through a mediocre guitar. Give one a guitar with a soul, nuance and power, and suddenly, that instrument is no longer simply a messenger. One-way dictation is transformed into a conversation. A dance. An enduring friendship.

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Peter Tsiorba