Rosewood and Cedar Classical Guitar


Fabulous guitar with excellent volume, nuanced sound, and plenty of color and modulation for the musician to explore. Basses on this guitar are quite strong, without being boomy or out of balance with the trebles. Trebles are resonant all the way up the fingerboard past the 12th fret.

The wood grain of the rosewood is quite unique, characterized by tight, narrow bands arranged in a meandering, wavy patter. This has been my demonstration guitar for the past few years. It is in mint condition, with a few tiny nail marks on the soundboard.


-East Indian rosewood back and sides
-Western Red Cedar soundboard
-Spanish cedar neck
-Ebony fingerboard.
-Scale length: 650mm with 52mm spacing at the nut
-Tuners: Irving Sloane, with black rollers and ebony buttons
-French Polish (natural shellac finish)
-No taxes. Free shipping within USA.

$7000  SOLD

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  1. Peter — Thank you for helping me find a suitable set of machine heads on the spur of a moment. They worked perfectly, and thus I was able to commence playing my (newly acquired) instrument without further delays. If I should ever require, in future, any other guitar work that needs done (minor or major) by a professional craftsman, or to have a new instrument constructed by hand, you are the one I shall rely on.

  2. Thank you, Marcus. You are welcome to come by my workshop. Give me a call when you are in town. My direct #: 503-261-3942

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