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A flamenco guitar is not just any guitar equipped with tap plates. Nor is it simply a matter of tonewood choice (i.e. rosewood vs. cypress). Historically, guitars were not differentiated along “classical” or “flamenco” lines. […]

Peter Tsiorba

About Peter Tsiorba

I built my first guitar in 2001. As I look back at nearly two decades of building and restoration work, I am delighted to know that despite the years, and many thousands of hours at […]

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Tsiorba Classical and Flamenco Guitars

For nearly 20 years, I have been making, restoring, researching and contemplating classical and flamenco guitars. I built my first guitar (classical) in 2001. With each passing year, my skills, and insights have grown and […]

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Luthier’s Private Reserve Rare Tonewoods

In 2015, I had a rare opportunity to acquire a retiring luthier’s stash of gorgeous, pre-ban Brazilian Rosewood, old-growth Indian rosewood, hand-picked, highest quality German spruce, high-altitude Idaho Engelmann spruce, maple, mahogany, ebony, Koa and […]

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New Guitar–Old Wood

Some things in life get better with age. Musical instrument-making tonewoods fall into that category. As fortune would have it, my client stumbled upon this “muy viejo” tonewood through Craigslist. I have the fortune of […]

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Redwood Marries Mediterranean Cypress

REDWOOD SOUNDBOARD MARRIES MEDITERRANEAN CYPRESS European spruce soundboards are traditional in flamenco guitars. This blanca strikes out in a different direction. Each guitar has its own story, and this one is no exception. As I […]