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Hide Glue

Animal protein glue has been around for a long time. Its use predates known written records. By around 2000 B.C. written procedures on animal glue use emerge in Ancient Egypt. How is it possible that […]

Flamenco Guitars

Changing Peghead Guitar to Machine Tuners

Some people love friction pegs. Others…hate them. Especially, if those pegs were ill fitted to begin with. Those struggling with pegs either sell their peghead guitars, or end-up converting to planetary-geared mechanical pegs, or to […]

planing of the guitar fingerboard to correct string height (action) problems. The guitar is a Spanish-made instrument by the late master Manuel Reyes.
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Guitar Repair and Restoration Services

Repair and maintenance of a fine classical or flamenco guitar is not a matter of “if,” but of “when.” Aside from strings, nuts and saddles wear out, as do frets. French polish will eventually need […]