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Engelmann Spruce & East Indian Rosewood Classical Guitar

GUITAR SPECS: Tonewoods: Soundboard: Engelmann Spruce Back/sides: East Indian Rosewood (EIR) Neck: Spanish Cedar Fingerboard: Pau Ferro, a.k.a morado, palo santos, caviuna, Brazilian ironwood, and Bolivian rosewood, to name a few. This wood has very […]

Scraping Guitar Sides Luthier Tsiorba
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Guitar Repair and Restoration Services

Repair and maintenance of a fine classical or flamenco guitar is not a matter of “if,” but of “when.” Aside from strings, nuts and saddles wear out, as do frets. French polish will eventually need […]

Tsiorba Guitars Luthier Guitarmaker
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Tsiorba Guitars–since 2001

I have been producing handmade classical and flamenco guitars since 2001. As I complete my 116th guitar (Oct. 2017), it occurs to me that lutherie is a deep river, and I’ve been swimming in it […]

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Luthier’s Private Reserve Rare Tonewoods

In 2015, I had a rare opportunity to acquire a retiring luthier’s stash of gorgeous, pre-ban Brazilian Rosewood, old-growth Indian rosewood, hand-picked, highest quality German spruce, high-altitude Idaho Engelmann spruce, maple, mahogany, ebony, Koa and […]

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Rosewood and Cedar Classical Guitar

Fabulous guitar with excellent volume, nuanced sound, and plenty of color and modulation for the musician to explore. Basses on this guitar are quite strong, without being boomy or out of balance with the trebles. […]

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New Guitar–Old Wood

Some things in life get better with age. Musical instrument-making tonewoods fall into that category. As fortune would have it, my client stumbled upon this “muy viejo” tonewood through Craigslist. I have the fortune of […]