Tsiorba guitars on the wall with sunset glow
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New Video from My New Studio

During the past spring and summer, I moved around a bit, and have now settled into an old 100-year-old brick building near downtown Portland. Here is a new 2-min. video from the new shop. It’s […]

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Rosewood and Cedar Classical Guitar

Fabulous guitar with excellent volume, nuanced sound, and plenty of color and modulation for the musician to explore. Basses on this guitar are quite strong, without being boomy or out of balance with the trebles. […]

Woodworking Tools Chisels
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New Guitar–Old Wood

Some things in life get better with age. Musical instrument-making tonewoods fall into that category. As fortune would have it, my client stumbled upon this “muy viejo” tonewood through Craigslist. I have the fortune of […]

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Low-Tech Solution to the “Bone” Problem

Bone has been used in musical instruments for a very long time. In fact some of the earliest known musical instruments are bone: bone flutes, then followed by various animal horns. Primitive as it may […]

Clamping Guitar Bracing
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Hot Hide Glue and Glue Pots

If it wasn’t for glue, your guitar would be a small pile of kindling. What kind of glue is holding yours together? Here’s a short article about hide glue, glue pots, and their place in […]