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Flamenco Guitar–Port Orford Cedar & Spruce

Port Orford Cedar (Chamaecyparis lawsoniana) is well…not a cedar. Names can be funny that way, as Port Orford Cedar (POC) is actually a cypress! POC is native to Oregon and northern California. Even though these […]

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Engelmann Spruce & East Indian Rosewood Classical Guitar

GUITAR SPECS: Tonewoods: Soundboard: Engelmann Spruce Back/sides: East Indian Rosewood (EIR) Neck: Spanish Cedar Fingerboard: Pau Ferro, a.k.a morado, palo santos, caviuna, Brazilian ironwood, and Bolivian rosewood, to name a few. This wood has very […]

planing of the guitar fingerboard to correct string height (action) problems. The guitar is a Spanish-made instrument by the late master Manuel Reyes.
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Guitar Repair and Restoration Services

Repair and maintenance of a fine classical or flamenco guitar is not a matter of “if,” but of “when.” Aside from strings, nuts and saddles wear out, as do frets. French polish will eventually need […]

Guitar Soundboard Bracing
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Guitar Construction

One would think that guitar construction has been largely standardized over the course of many decades and centuries. It turns out that such is not the case. Not only do regional traditions and differences exist, […]

Handcrafted Luthier Guitars
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Available Inventory

You can see what I have in stock here Otherwise, please let me know what you are looking for. Email or phone calls are welcome.

Guitar Peghead Mechanical Tuners - Tsiorba

Tsiorba Flamenco Guitars

A flamenco guitar is not just any guitar equipped with tap plates. Nor is it simply a matter of tonewood choice (i.e. rosewood vs. cypress). Historically, guitars were not differentiated along “classical” or “flamenco” lines. […]

Tsiorba Guitars Luthier Guitarmaker
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Tsiorba Guitars–since 2001

I have been producing handmade classical and flamenco guitars since 2001. As I complete my 116th guitar (Oct. 2017), it occurs to me that lutherie is a deep river, and I’ve been swimming in it […]