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Flamenco Guitar for Sale

Guitars are priced from $7000. If you would like a quote for a custom guitar, please email me with your requirements or call at 503-261-3942 Otherwise, please see available inventory.

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Hide Glue

Animal protein glue has been around for a long time. Its use predates known written records. By around 2000 B.C. written procedures on animal glue use emerge in Ancient Egypt. How is it possible that […]

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Quilted Maple & Walnut Flamenco Guitar

Main materials selection: Carpathian Spruce, quilted maple and bastogne walnut. The neck will be in the usual Spanish cedar. The rosette will be constructed from natural spalted maple. Spalted maple billet with its intense and […]

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Monterey Cypress Flamenco Guitar

Choosing the “right” tonewood for your guitar can feel overwhelming. In our google age, it isn’t all that difficult to reach an information overload threshold. Seemingly profuse search results, however, are not guaranteed to satisfy […]

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cypress & spruce flamenco guitar

A straight-forward, classic blanca, constructed with a spruce soundboard, Mediterranean cypress back and sides, an ebony fingerboard and a Spanish cypress neck. The guitar is tuned with traditional ebony friction pegs. Even though it is […]

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Flamenco Guitar–Port Orford Cedar & Spruce

Port Orford Cedar (Chamaecyparis lawsoniana) is well…not a cedar. Names can be funny that way, as Port Orford Cedar (POC) is actually a cypress! POC is native to Oregon and northern California. Even though these […]

Flamenco Guitars

Changing Peghead Guitar to Machine Tuners

Some people love friction pegs. Others…hate them. Especially, if those pegs were ill fitted to begin with. Those struggling with pegs either sell their peghead guitars, or end-up converting to planetary-geared mechanical pegs, or to […]