Gabriel José Bolaños

Gabriel José Bolaños (b. 1984 Bogotá, Colombia) is a Nicaraguan-American composer of solo, chamber, orchestral and electronic music. He holds a PhD in composition from UC Davis and a BA from Columbia University. I had […]

Figured Hawaiian Koa Flamenco Guitar
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Koa and Spruce Flamenco Guitar

The flamboyant Koa of this flamenco guitar leaves me speechless! Color and the wood grain play with light, shimmering and revealing depth and layers from each new angle. But wait, there is more! This guitar […]

handmade luthier guitar

Archive of Sold Guitars

Even though these guitars are not available, if you see something you like, please let me know. I may be able to make another one like it. Engelmann Spruce & East Indian Rosewood Classical Guitar

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1989 Thomas Humphrey Millennium Classical Guitar

Available for sale is this beautiful 1989 Thomas Humphrey’s famous Millennium classical guitar. Humphrey guitars have been played by a number of prominent guitarists, such as Sharon Isbin, Assad brothers, Ben Verdery, Elliot Fisk, Lily […]

Luthier workshop tools at the Tsiorba Shop
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Workshop Photos

UPDATE 10/17 The original posting was made two years ago. While the studio is no longer “new” to me, I enjoy working here, and feel settled in by now. If you would like to visit, […]

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Luthier’s Private Reserve Rare Tonewoods

In 2015, I had a rare opportunity to acquire a retiring luthier’s stash of gorgeous, pre-ban Brazilian Rosewood, old-growth Indian rosewood, hand-picked, highest quality German spruce, high-altitude Idaho Engelmann spruce, maple, mahogany, ebony, Koa and […]

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Aged Spruce Guitar

What does age do to spruce? To wood in general? Or to the sound of the guitars, and other musical instruments for that matter? How long to age, five years? Thirty? Someone with a bit […]

Hybridized Guitar Rosette
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Hybridizing Domingo Esteso’s Guitar Rosettes

Cooking two guitars rosettes…until flavors blend. That was basically what I was asked to do. To borrow the elements from two rosettes made by the legendary Spanish luthier Domingo Esteso, and create a hybrid of […]