Archive of Commissions

handmade luthier guitar

These pages could be used as a reference for my past work. If you see a guitar that inspires you, and would like to request something similar, email me or call 503-261-3942

Tsiorba Classical Guitar: Narra and Spruce

2008 Tsiorba Flamenco Guitar

Crossover Nylon String Guitar

Koa and Spruce Flamenco Guitar

Rosewood and Cedar Classical Guitar

Cocobolo & European Spruce Flamenco Guitar

40-Year Dry German Spruce and Brazilian Rosewood Flamenca Negra

1989 Thomas Humphrey Millennium Classical Guitar

Flamenco Guitar–Port Orford Cedar & Spruce

cypress & spruce flamenco guitar

Monterey Cypress Flamenco Guitar

New Guitar–Old Wood

Quilted Maple & Walnut Flamenco Guitar

Western Red Cedar & Mediterranean Spruce Blanca (or is it a negra?)

Engelmann Spruce & East Indian Rosewood Classical Guitar

European Maple & Carpathian Spruce Classical Guitar

California redwood & Mediterranean cypress flamenco guitar

Alternative Local Tonewood Flamenco Guitar: Origen de Oregon