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Did you receive a guitar I built for you recently? Sent your guitar in for an extensive restoration? Please share about your experience! Your comments, feedback and suggestions will be greatly appreciated

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Visitors are welcome! Please phone or write ahead of time. HOURS: Tues-Fri. 9am–6pm. Sat. 9am–1pm PHONE: 503.261.3942 ADDRESS: 4509 SE 23rd Avenue, Portland, OR 97202

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Guitar Construction

One would think that guitar construction has been largely standardized over the course of many decades and centuries. It turns out that such is not the case. Not only do regional traditions and differences exist, […]

Guitar Peghead Mechanical Tuners - Tsiorba

Tsiorba Flamenco Guitars

A flamenco guitar is not just any guitar equipped with tap plates. Nor is it simply a matter of tonewood choice (i.e. rosewood vs. cypress). Historically, guitars were not differentiated along “classical” or “flamenco” lines. […]

Tsiorba Guitars Luthier Guitarmaker
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Tsiorba Guitars–since 2001

I have been producing handmade classical and flamenco guitars since 2001. As I complete my 116th guitar (Oct. 2017), it occurs to me that lutherie is a deep river, and I’ve been swimming in it […]

Peter Tsiorba

About Peter Tsiorba

I am a luthier (guitarmaker) and belong to the ancient lineage of carpenters who decided to specialize! I live in Portland, Oregon, which is in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. However, let’s go […]

Tsiorba Guitars Luthier Guitarmaker

Peter Tsiorba Classical & Flamenco Guitars

I make traditionally-constructed classical and flamenco guitars. Since I do not utilize pre-manufactured components (except tuning machines and fretwire) every guitar receives individual attention and is treated as one whole. Every effort is made to […]