2008 Tsiorba Flamenco Guitar



Beautiful guitar with a gorgeous, mature sound only guitars played for many thousands of hours can have. Punchy, crisp, and harmonically rich. With a medium/low action, the guitar is easy on hands.

Rather than hiding in the case, the guitar spent most of its years exposed to natural light, resulting in this lovely patina, glowing and shimmering with rich amber hues. Please note one soundboard repair, along the bass side of the golpeador, caused by a split when the guitar was taken to a dry continental climate in the summer. The soundboard repair is structurally sound, and cosmetically subtle.

Includes newly refreshed French polish, fret dress/polish, set-up, and a nice, Canadian-made TKL hard case. Don’t hesitate to call or write if you have any additional questions about this guitar.


Year of construction: 2008

Scale length: 650mm

Soundboard: Lutz (North American) Spruce

Back/Sides: Monterey cypress

Fingerboard: Ebony

Neck: Spanish Cedar

Bridge: Rosewood

Finish: traditional French polish

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